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With over 57 years of combined experience, Englebert Financial Advisers provides portfolio management services and custom financial plans for investors of all ages. We are located in the Lehigh Valley, but work with clients across the United States. We are a fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm that acts as a fiduciary for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-understand business model, fee transparency, and excellent client service.

Chris Englebert


“After working on my grandparents’ farm as a child, my first real job was working at a bakery. I started at age 14 sweeping the floors and ended up being a certified union baker by age 21. It was a great job to have while in school and I truly learned the value of hard work.”

Chris began his career in 1984 with E.F. Hutton, utilizing their institutional managed accounts program through the Consulting Group to place institutional and high net worth clients with professional money managers. He began working with Pennsylvania Municipal Defined Benefit Plans to help increase their investment returns and meet their actuarial assumptions with professional money managers.

In 1986, he became a founding member of APIC, the Association of Professional Investment Consultants, an organization made of E.F. Hutton consultants that wanted to bring the highest level of professional money manager consulting to their high net worth and institutional clients.  Many cutting edge investment reporting and due diligence protocols were established during the early days of money manager consulting.  During the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, Chris made numerous trips to Harrisburg to educate state legislature on the intricacies of defined benefit pension funds and beneficial changes that could be made to them.  While maintaining and growing his high net worth client relationships, his experience evolved his business into focusing on Pennsylvania municipal finance. He advises on various facets of asset allocation, manager selection and index utilization.  He has also introduced a new defined contribution format, utilizing active investment models for participants.

Chris graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in Agricultural Business and minor in Agricultural Economics.  He is married to wife and business partner, Jamie, has three children and a granddaughter who call him “Chief”.  When not working, Chris enjoys tennis, golf, snow skiing and practicing his Second Amendment rights.

Jamie Englebert


“When I was in middle school, I couldn’t wait to start working!  My first job was at Crystal Springs Dairy and I’d often ride my bike to get there.  I worked the cash register, stocked shelves, washed dishes and scooped ice cream.  I gained a true appreciation for hard work, especially when I got my first paycheck.  What’s FICA?  I laugh about it today.  I loved that job and the responsibility of it.”

After graduating from Muhlenberg College in 1997 with a B.A. degree in Business Administration, Jamie launched her career in the financial services industry at full-service broker-dealer, Salomon Smith Barney.  In 1998, she started in the Cashier position, moved on to Administrative Assistant, then obtained Series 7 and Series 63 licenses in the year 2000.  She partnered up with several seasoned advisors before ultimately teaming with now husband and business partner, Chris Englebert.  The team left the wirehouse in 2014 to become independent as a Registered Investment Advisor.  The Englebert Team focuses on Pennsylvania municipal finance (DB plans, DC plans, DROP accounts), as well as servicing high net worth individuals and 401k retirement plans.  Jamie is also a Pennsylvania Notary Public.

Jamie has a beautiful blended family with husband Chris, three children and a granddaughter who calls her “GJ”.  She enjoys hiking, fitness, music, her community volunteer work, and spending time with friends.  Jamie is also a Certified Cycle Instructor with Maxx Fitness Clubzz.

Maya Hazim


“11 years after submitting our paperwork to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, in 2008 we were finally approved. The approval letter was a relief to my father, who wanted his family to move out of the Middle East before the civil war started. On October 6th of 2009, my brother and I moved to the United States and our new journey began. Despite all the struggles of adapting to a new life, learning a new language, and making new friends, that experience gave me tremendous strength and drive to work hard to accomplish my goals.”

In 2015, Maya was attending school as a full-time student while also working as a customer service representative at Sam’s Club. In May of 2017, she graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Marketing. In October of 2017, Maya took on a Business Sales and Service Associate position at PNC Bank. Just a few months later, she received her Designated Lender Certificate, which promoted her to work with clients in establishing and processing Home Equity credit. Eager for career advancement, Maya joined Englebert Financial Advisers, LLC in the fall of 2019.  Her sharp skills, inquisitiveness, positive attitude and drive towards excellence make her the perfect fit for this growing RIA firm.  Maya is also a Pennsylvania Notary Public.

Maya lived in the same house with her parents and three siblings until she found her partner in life and was married in June of 2019. She loves spending time with her family, uncles, aunts, and cousins who moved to the United States just two years after she did.  She calls it “Family Quality Time.” She also enjoys traveling, working-out, and swimming.


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